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Classic car restorer, Clayton Classics, to host open day

Classic car restorer, Clayton Classics, is opening its doors for its next open day on Saturday 19 October, where the team will be offering a behind the scenes look at the world of restorations, sharing examples of their work on popular classics such as Austin Swallow, Jaguar E-type and Daimler.


Guests are invited to attend the autumn open day at the workshop in Coventry, where they will meet the team of restoration and engineering specialists from Clayton Classics and hear more about the options to get the most out of their classic, as well as getting the chance to see the current vehicle projects in progress.

As well as an introduction to what the Clayton Classics team does – from servicing, repairs, upgrades and full restorations – the team will also talk about one of the most pressing issues owners face at this time of year – how to control the temperature.


The classic car restorer has seen more drivers than ever before getting in touch to see how they can make their car fit for the variable British weather. Periods of rain can create a build-up of condensation and mist the windows, which can be detrimental to the car’s condition and visibility. When the weather finally improves, hot temperatures can make a cabin uncomfortable, or even undrivable.

These issues are a particular concern for classic car owners, as heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems in older cars can be outdated, faulty, or even absent altogether.

The Clayton Classics team will share more about how drivers can tackle this, including examples of what they can offer through their bespoke air conditioning kits to make cars usable and comfortable, whatever the weather.

Guests will be able to see the upgrades first-hand, with air conditioning kits that can be installed by the Clayton team, or self-installed at home through an owner’s own restoration project, along with expert guidance.


After initially specialising in Jaguar E-Types, the air conditioning product range has been expanded across other Jaguar models and 7 more iconic brands, including Mercedes-Benz, Aston Martin, Porsche and Daimler – compatible with over 20 vehicle models.

Even for cars that have never had a HVAC system to start with, the team would be happy to have a look at your car if you want to book in an inspection – you would be surprised what might be possible. The systems can be made to look completely in-keeping with the vehicle’s style and history, and even removed without trace at a later date if you wanted to get your car back to its original condition.

Why not see for yourself? Spaces for the open day on 19 October are limited, but there is still availability – get in touch here to book your place.

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