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Air Conditioning

Daimler V8 250 Installed by our in-house experts

Our bespoke air conditioning system designed to fit the Daimler V8 250, combines an interior evaporator mounted into the radio tower with the option of an additional evaporator mounted into the existing heater/demister unit to give significant amounts of cold air to the driver and passenger on hot days. The system also dehumidifies the car and screens on cool autumnal mornings.

Historically the Daimler  had been problematic due to its restrictive original air supply ducting, and heat soak to the interior.  Our solution is a recirculation unit which fits behind the centre console. Some modifications to the console and ashtray are required, but this provides cool air through air vents which can directed at, or away from body or face.

The kit is complete except for compressor mounting brackets and pulley (which vary with engine specification and previous modifications) and console trim, alternatively we offer full installation service in our workshop.

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