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World Class Restorations & Upgrades

Building The Best

Here at Clayton Classics, we live and breathe classic cars. Based in Coventry in the West Midlands, an area steeped in a long history of car manufacturing and production, we are a dedicated team of engineers, mechanics and restoration experts passionate about driving the highest level of performance and potential out of every classic car.

About Clayton Classics

For over 100 years, Clayton has supplied products to the automotive industry and has always thrived at the forefront of technical innovation, providing vehicle heating, cooling, and air conditioning solutions.

The Clayton Classics division began in 2002, focusing on world-class restoration of classic cars and is now one of the most respected and leading players in the industry. Building cars to exacting standards using the expertise of our highly-qualified and experienced engineers, we work closely with and support our customers every step of the way, exceeding expectations and producing excellent results

Whether you’re looking for a complete restoration, or installation of modern comforts, we can work with you on your next big project to enhance your classic car to the very highest standard.

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Clayton Vehicle Systems Transport Industry Specialists

Working across all spheres of the transportation industry providing bespoke engineering solutions for a wide range of vehicles.

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