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The problems of excessive heat soak are well know in E Types and can lead to very uncomfortable driving conditions even in moderately warm ambient temperatures. We have developed three systems for the Jaguar E Type in response to customer demand: Under Bonnet fresh air system, a Radio Tower system and a Footwell Mounted system designed specifically for 2+2 and S3 cars, all detailed below.

Our systems can be installed on all E Type models – RHD or LHD cars. We offer an installation service in our workshop, or can provide most systems in kit form.  Kits are supplied with engine mounting brackets to fit to 3.8L, 4.2L and 5.3L engines, and include an engine driven compressor, condenser to be mounted in front of the radiator, electric cooling fan and uprated alternator. The evaporator, which creates the cold air can be mounted in a number of places depending on which kit you choose. All kits come with a wiring diagram and instructions, and are suitable for someone with reasonable knowledge of E Types and moderate mechanical experience.

Option 1 – All models

Under Bonnet Fresh Air

Fitted in place of the original demister unit, this system works in the same way as the original heater unit but replaces the original heater element with a uprated heater element combined with a high efficiency evaporator core, drawing air from the bonnet duct before venting into the car through the original plenum chamber. The system is full fresh air and the improvements in air flow and cooling are impressive. A bonus is extremely effective heating/demisting which also dehumidifies, ridding the car of the inevitable condensation when it rains. Additional driver/passenger facing vents are advised to maximise performance.


Option 2- All Models

Radio Tower System

The evaporator is mounted inside the radio tower and draws air from inside the cabin before cooling it and blowing back towards the driver/passenger.  A new slightly modified centre console is provided (ready for trimming) in the kit, which when installed is almost identical to the original. This is the most powerful option, particularly recommend for use in hot climates, but does result in loss of radio and ashtray space. A modern radio can be fitted elsewhere, possibly with remote fascia.

This system does not provide direct dehumidification but can be used on a low setting together with the original heater (or one of our upgraded heaters) to control humidity on cold wet days.

It is possible to combine this unit with the Under Bonnet system with changeover controls to allow use of either system depending on climate requirements. There are no vent options with this kit, the standard installation is shown in the photo.

Option 3 – Series 3 & 2+2

Footwell Mounted System

For the longer wheelbase cars a kit has been developed which gives the increased efficiencies of the Radio Tower system, but means the radio and ashtray do not need to be removed. The evaporator is mounted in the passenger footwell,  taking up around 160mm of space and providing a passenger footrest. Cool air is then distributed to various parts of the car via additional air vents.

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