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Air Conditioning

MGB, MGBV8, MGC Supplied in kit form or installed by our in-house experts

Our industry leading MG air conditioning systems have been designed and tested over many years in a variety of climatic conditions and are sold worldwide. The system includes an engine driven compressor (with specific mounting brackets for the V8 and MGC), condenser and electric cooling fan, and a standalone evaporator.

The unit fits into the passenger footwell and uses re-circulated air ducted to an under dash unit and optional additional outlets. It takes up minimal space in the footwell and provides a foot rest for the passenger, a welcome addition to MGs in itself! The compressor is driven off the crankshaft requiring slight repositioning of the alternator, and the condenser is located in front of the radiator with a single or twin electric fan arrangement. An air vent distribution system mounted under the dashboard on the passenger side vents air into the car to give maximum cooling effect.

Our kits come with a wiring diagram and instructions, and are suitable for someone with reasonable knowledge of MGs and moderate mechanical experience.

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