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Our latest workshop project has been the design and development of an air conditioning system for a Jaguar Mark 10 destined for Singapore. Given Singapore’s tropical climate, the development of the AC system posed an intriguing challenge for our engineers.  We were asked to design a system that was not only high-performing but also subtly integrated into the client’s MK10.

We took inspiration from our E Type centre console system, which strategically places the evaporator behind the radio tower. This design choice allows the system to extract warm air from inside the vehicle, cool it down, and then recirculate it back towards the driver and passenger. Jaguars are notorious for generating and trapping a lot of heat, especially during summer months, however our integrated air conditioning system ensures that the car remains cool and operates at peak performance – in low single figure temperatures – even on the warmest days. Ensuring a comfortable ride for both the driver and the passengers, no matter the weather conditions.

If you find that your car is uncomfortable, or even unusable on summer days, now is the perfect time to start thinking about fitting air conditioning for the warmer months, contact us today for more information.

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