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Dual ‘plug and play’ Brantz Rally System

This month we have been working with a long-standing customer who is a competitive rally driver. During his latest rally in Italy in his MGB, his rally unit malfunctioned leaving him without a working meter for the rest of the trip. The Clayton Classics team came up with an innovative solution to address the issue.

Our dual ‘plug and play’ rally system using the Brantz rallymeter was key to solving the problem. Initially, the car was equipped with only one sensor, which was mounted onto the gearbox. We designed and manufactured a front-wheel sensor trigger ring, which allowed for the fitment of a second sensor onto the wheel. This enabled the customer to quickly switch between sensors in case of a failure. To add more flexibility, we also fitted a pulse doubler, which allowed for an increase or decrease in the number of sensor points. Our engineers fabricated a unique ‘plug and play’ mounting system to house two Brantz units on top of the radio tower, with the changeover and doubler switches neatly mounted into the tower for added convenience.

Our primary goal was to provide a reliable solution that would allow the customer to continue participating in competitions worldwide without any interruptions. We are proud of this collaboration and remain committed to providing innovative solutions to meet our customers’ needs.

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