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World Class Cooling Systems

Complete Cooling System Design

Over the past 50 years Clayton Classics have designed complete cooling system packages to suit a wide variety of vehicles. In most cases we have upgraded the performance of the existing cooling systems by using modern heat transfer technologies alongside modern cooling fans and motors. In almost every case, historic reference to overheating vehicles can be cured; we are yet to find a vehicle where the cooling system can not be made more reliable.

Comfort and performance upgrades

Radiators and Cooling Fans Suitable for a range of vehicles

We supply high performance radiators in either a copper/brass or aluminium construction. Both types offer greatly improved cooling performance from the original, and once fitted ensure engine temperature is kept at its optimum.

We have also developed a range of axial fans with varying output, along with mounting brackets and fan cowls to suit almost any vehicle.


More Parts for your

Classic Car Our engineering team design & fit bespoke upgrades and parts

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