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Technical innovations

MODERN FUSEBOARD DESIGN Suitable for a range of vehicles

Older cars were originally developed using a minimal amount of fuses so any one fuse controls a whole series of devices within the car; when this fuse blows it takes out a number of circuits and often renders the car inoperable. Most of the existing glass fuses are rated at 35 amps and there are large sections of the wiring loom which are not capable of carrying this current, so there is significant risk that cables could melt before fuses have blown.

At Clayton Classics we have developed a fuse board system which is capable of protecting each circuit individually, much like modern cars.

Our replacement fuse board, initially designed for Jaguar E Types, is mounted in the same location as the original and protects all of the circuits individually. A series of relays control the ignition-fed systems within the car and protects the original ignition switch.

Similar protection can be provided on other vehicles using alternative mounting locations.

Technical innovations

Interior Lighting Suitable for a range of vehicles

Interior lighting on classic cars is often a problem at night.  Clayton Classics developed an upgraded interior lighting system in response to customers who we were looking for modern levels of illumination to improve visibility and safety.

Originally designed for the Jaguar E Type, our LED lighting upgrade package includes additional footwell lighting, upgraded map light, and enhanced dashboards illumination with strips of LEDs fitted to each dial making them significantly easier to read in the dark.

This upgrade is now available for a range of other vehicles.

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