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Jaguar MKII

Radio Tower System

Historically the Jaguar MKII has been problematic cooling wise, due to restrictive original air supply ducting, and heat soak to the interior. Our system was developed and extensively tested on our own MKII  to minimises visual changes on the car while providing best possible performance.

The MKII system is supplied with an engine driven compressor, under wing condenser unit and pipework and fittings. The evaporator can be mounted in different places depending on the kit required. The evaporator is mounted inside the radio tower and draws air from inside the cabin, cooling and venting towards the driver/passenger.

We also offer a twin system which has two evaporators, one in the radio tower and the other mounted into the original heater/demister unit under the bonnet. The twin system ensures optimal performance from the radio tower system and provides dehumidification from the under bonnet unit on cold wet mornings to reduce condensation on the windscreen and dry the inside of the car.

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