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MK2 Seatbelts

It’s been 40 years since seatbelts became mandatory in the UK,  and these days most of us reach behind us instinctively when we get in the car, front or back. But most classic cars have no rear seat belt provision, so we’re asking… are you apprehensive about carrying passengers without them?

If so buckle up, we’ve got you covered…

Our customer wanted seat belts fitted in the rear of his Mk2 so he was able to drive safely with his children in the back. We hadn’t had this request for a MK2 before, so our engineers got to work designing a system which suited our customer’s needs.

We mounted the belts to the parcel shelf to minimise the modification to the original interior, our apprentice Morgan then designed and manufactured mounting plates to feed the belts through which gave it more of a modern feel.

The customer was thrilled with how it looked and we were pretty pleased with our handywork too. This is just one of many upgrades we offer, give us a call to discuss anything you’re considering, or have a look through the options on our website.

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