Air Conditioning / Jaguar / E Type

Developed, tested and enhanced over many years on Clayton Classics’ own cars.

There are several alternative air conditioning systems;

  1. A fresh air system replacing the original heater in the engine compartment.

  2. The fresh air system can be extended to include a recirculation option if required.

  3. A centre console mounted system in the radio tower

  4. A passenger footwell mounted system for 2+2 and Series 3 cars only

Heat insulation to the floor, transmission tunnel and under-bonnet air ducts is also strongly recommended (and is a very worthwhile improvement in itself ). We supply very effective aircraft quality non-combustible insulation in roll form, as well as Dynamat.

The kits are complete including a powerful engine fan, except for compressor mountings and pulley (which vary depending on engine spec and any previous modifications). Separate fitting kits are available for most configurations.

An upgraded radiator is strongly recommended. We can supply both aluminium and copper/brass radiators up uprated performance.