Air Conditioning / MGB & V8

After years of development Clayton have recently developed and tested an air conditioning system to fit any MGB (standard or V8) and MGC. This system turns the driving compartment into a comfortable place to be even on the hottest of days.

Our unit fits into the passenger footwell and uses re-circulated air ducted to an under dash unit and optional additional outlets.

It takes up minimal space in the footwell and provides a foot rest for the passenger, a welcome addition to MGBs in itself!

The compressor is driven off the crankshaft requiring slight repositioning of the alternator and the condenser is located in front of the radiator with a single or twin electric fan arrangement.

The system uses fully re-circulated air giving impressive cooling even in the warmest of conditions. Adjustment of the fan speed and temperature give full control to the driver creating a comfortable temperature in which to drive.

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